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NSSodium Chloride Intravenous Infusion BP 0.9% w/v
D 5Glucose Intravenous Infusion BP 5% w/v [D 5]500 ml
DNSGlucose (5%) & Sodium Chloride (0.9)IV Infusion BP [DNS]
500 ml
RLCompound Sodium Lactate Infusion BP {Ringer Lactate}
500 ml
EMMultiple Electrolytes & Glucose Infusion Type I (EM)
500 ml
EPMultiple Electrolytes & Glucose Infusion Type Ill (EP)
500 ml
Half NS Sodium Chloride Intravenous Infusion BP 0.45% w/v
500 ml
Half DNS Glucose (5%) & Sodium Chloride (0.45) IV Infusion BP [DNS HALF]
500 ml

Unique Features

Advanced infusion container

• Enhanced performance ; compared with available CIV
• One product for all applications

Two separate aseptic ports

• Two identical snap off ports
• Ports reseal automatically after needle or spike removal, which keeps it Germfree
• Less potential for needle stick injuries
• Compatible with all common admixture devices

Superior holding force

• Firm connection of Lifeport with infusion set i.e. the infusion set does not slip out
• Low efforts needed to insert infusion set

Requires no venting (Closed system)

• No Venting is necessary during infusion which ensures safety
• Complete collapsible Lifeport ensures zero wastage of expensive medication


• Lifeport is sterilized at 1210C*
• Lowest endotoxin levels compared to I.P. requirements*

Gentle to the environment

• Free from DEHP
• Free from PVC